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An Aburadako fan site

Aburadako was one of the formative Japanese punk/alternative bands. They do a great mix of hard core and punk (and a little noise/randomness for spice), with pseudo-intellectual lyrics.. that is, they might just be using big words to impress people, or maybe there is an esoteric meaning to it all. I guess you could liken their lyrics to Nirvana that way. The drummer for Aburadako, Yoshiya Tatsuya, has been in at least 15 other bands, including Ruins, YBO2, and Zenigeva (with Steve Albini). Aburadako started out in 1983, put out 3 albums, and then disappated. They got back together in 1996 for a new album, and their older stuff was rereleased. They're still putting out product.