No. Mission Hidden Parts / Enemy AC Location / Raven Name
1 Stop Terrorist Threat
2 Remove Gun Emplacement LN-SSVT Mission Completion
3 Rescue Survey Team
4 Terrorist Pursuit
5 Worker Robot Removal
6 Secret Factory Recon WM-S60/4 Southwest Corner
7 Exterminate Organisms QX-AF Opposite Wall of Queen's Chambers
8 Guard Freight Train HD-X1487 Container Yard
" " Red AC ???
9 Destroy Fuel Depot WG-1-KARASAWA Farthest Wall; Raised Area with Tanks
10 Prototype MT Test
11 Guard Airplane
12 Stop Gas Exposure
13 Prototype MT Test SP-SAP Mission Completion
14 Repulse Enemy Attack
15 Exterminate Organisms
16 Guard Wharf Warehouse RZT-333 Inside Warehouse (*Results in Mission Failure)
17 Remove Base Occupants
18 Destroy Space Catapult
19 Destroy Base Generator
20 Mop up Chrome Remnants
21 Destroy "Justice"
22 Chrome Uprising
23 Destroy Plus Escapee GBG-XR 2 Floors Below Mission Start
24 Destroy Intruders WG-F699 Crack in Wall Below Mission Start
25 Destroy Plane Computer Kamui mk. 17 Mizuho Kamui
26 AC Battle Fefnir Barutazaru (Baltazar)
27 Attack Urban Center Valkyrie Losvaise
28 Eliminate Squatters
29 Eliminate Squatters [2]
30 Destroy Unknown MTs
31 Rescue Transport Truck
32 Eliminate Strikers WR-L24 Behind Mission Start
33 Stop Security MTs
34 Stop Gang, "Dark Soul" SP-AXL Mission Completion
35 Reclaim Oil Facility
36 Recover Capsules
37 Guard Factory Entrance B-T001 Northeast Corner
38 Capture Space Station
39 Release Organisms
40 Retake Air Cleaner WC-GN230 Ceiling Duct (South in Main Chamber)
41 Kill "Struggle" Leader LS-99-MOONLIGHT Below Destructable Floor
42 Stop Security MT
43 Destroy Base Computer
44 Mop Up Chrome Remnants Sledge Hammer Boss Savage
45 Destroy Floating Mines Nine-Ball Hustler One
46 AC Battle Red AC ???