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From: Char
Subject: Human Plus
I'm sure R fed you his views on the new type Human Plus? Sometimes the misinformed opinions of the Ravens' Nest elite really make me sick. Sure there are minor drawbacks and side affects to the process, but nothing good comes for free, right? Those of us who have made the choice to become new types have the benefits of stronger radar, lower power draw for energy weapons, stability to fire heavy cannons while moving in two-legged ACs, and a 'magic sword'. The implant process is not easy, and must be done in stages. The first operation will enhance radar; the fourth allows cannon fire; the sixth will double your energy recovery and at the same time grant you the magic sword. You can use the sword by slashing your sword, then firing your boosters during the swing. Note that you must have an energy sword equipped in your left arm. Turning plus or not is your own choice; however, once you realize how much of a disadvantage regular humans have, you'll come begging to be plused. In fact, we'll come and get you if you drop below 50,000 credits. You'll thank us.