Congratulations on surviving the Chrome/Murakumo war. It was a hard fight, and you've been through alot. Now you have to decide: have I done my part? Is this the end of the fight for me? Humanity is still in peril, and we, the Ravens, are still its only hope.

The struggle known as Project Phantasma, which the Japanese have been involved in for months has now begun to expand into other regions of the world. American Ravens have been strapping on their flight gear since the middle of October 1998, but the situation has yet to see a resolution. Once again, I'm afraid we must turn all of our hopes to you. Perhaps you will encounter other Ravens along the way to join your fight.

You will be able to take your existing cores into battle. Some of the new parts which you will find in Project Phantasma will not function on old missions. Many parts from the first war which you acquired as secrets or as payment will not be available to buy in the AC:PP, but can be brought on existing ACs. If you are a new pilot, not a veteran returning from the C/M war, you will not be able to turn plus in Project Phantasma. However, veteran plus pilots will remain plus.

Some of the new weapons in AC:PP are available at the start of the game; the rest are in the Arena. As you achieve victories in the Arena, several new AC parts will be made avaiable to you. For statistics on new parts, see the Shop parts list, they are listed with parts from the original war.

Taking the assignment of Project Phantasma will also allow you to perform Arena combat with 49 other Ravens. These are formidable adversaries, and it may take you several attempts to defeat them. Do not lose hope; though they may seem invincible, rest assured that it can be done. If you seem to be unable to defeat them, try different combinations of parts, and different fighting tactics. This is different than anything you encountered in the first war. If you are a human purist, do not lose faith. Although many of your adversaries are obviously plus, it is still possible for ace pilots to defeat them in one-on-one combat. Be sure to use the replay mode regularly, to study how your adversaries are defeating you.

Be sure to study the mission flow chart at the bottom of this message. It will help you to choose your fate.

Good luck, Raven.
Akai Suisei no Char [Char, the Red Comet]