History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
August 10, 2005

Descriptions of rolling stock on the line.

For the few months of operation in 1912, car #104 was leased from Seattle Electric Company. According to the roster at the back of Blanchard's Street Railway Era in Seattle, this was part of a 1900 batch of Jackson and Sharp cars (numbered 100-119) ordered by Seattle Electric Company. SEC purchased a large number of cars just after acquiring a number of lines in 1900.

Blanchard apparently erred in the text of the book when she mentioned that two dilapidated Hammond cars were leased from SEC. In fact, letters between HP&LB and SEC clearly state that one car, #104, was leased. I always found it suspicious that there was no concrete information about the Hammond cars in Blanchard's detailed book.

When the line was put back in service in 1914, the Seattle Municipal Street Railway tranfered "several" (Blanchard) cars from Ballard's Division A. These were Cincinatti Car Company cars, from the series numbered 100-111 purchased by SMSR in 1913. These were used until the the purchase of PSTPL in 1918, when the whole series was renumbered 730-741. Blanchard's book contains a picture of #110 in use in Burien.

In 1916, SMSR took possession of one logging car from J T Krumm, as part of an agreement to haul his logs to between two private spurs from Burien to the Duwamish.

After acquiring PSTPL in 1918, SMSR transferred several J G Brill cars to the Lake Burien line. These were part of set numbered 350-359 ordered by SEC in 1900. SEC had another concurrent order with Brill of 8 other cars. The Brill cars were used until the line shut down.

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