History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
July 21, 2005
Seattle Municipal Railway News 1:42

September 5, 1919. Rerouting of Division C to Burien.

Seattle’s First Elevated Railway Thrown Open to Traffic After Long Delay
The elevated street railway into the industrial district has at last been thrown open to traffic and hereafter travel, not only to West Seattle but also to the shipyards, should be made considerably more pleasant than formerly on account of the shortened journey. First conceived as a war emergency measure, it seemed at one time as if it might be completed in time for another war. Some of the delays have, however, been unavoidable. Steel was almost impossible to get during and for some time after the war. In addition the operating department of the street railway did not propose to take any chances with the line until every possible safeguard had been installed for the safe passage of passengers over the line.
The Alki and Fauntleroy lines will operate over the elevated, their present route remaining as before from Virginia on First avenue to Washington, where they take the elevated. The transfer point formerly at First and Spokane will now be at Whatcom and Spokane; the transfer point which was formerly at First and Jackson will now be at First and Washington for these lines. All other transfer points will remain as heretofore. -

The following are the names of the stations located on the elevated:

Skinner & Eddy.
Massachusetts Street.
Holgate Street.
Landers Street.
Hanford Street.
Whatcom Avenue.
Puthie ‘s.
What with the large number of street and railroad crossings which will be done away with In crossing to the west side on the elevated railway traffic is bound to be speeded up very materially and a great deal of time saved to the thousands who are regular patrons of the lines which will hereafter be routed over the new line.

Dancing Afternoon and Evening
Admission to Par Free Good Union Music
Take Ballard Car on Fourth Avenue to the
End of Line

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