History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
August 13, 2006
Streetcar Toolshed Inventory, 1913

Inventory of the contents of the HP&LB toolshed, in preparation of acceptance of the streetcar line by the City of Seattle as a gift.

City of Seattle
Municipal Archives
City Clerk Files
Invoice. Tools and supplies of H.P. & Lake Burien R.R.


Highland Park and Lake Burien R.R. Co.
Tools in Shed (Duplicate)

4 Grub Hoes
18 Spike Mauls
14 Picks with Handles
19 Picks with no Handles
49 Short Shovels
8 Burn Axes
4 Pkg nails
10 Bars of Steel
6 Pinch Bars
13 Crow Bars
8 Pole hole Shovels
7 Pike Poles
2 Rail Spacers
7 Pairs of Rail Tongs
17 Cold chisels with Handles
11 Rail Bolt Wrenches
5 Timber Carriers
28 R.R. Pick Handles
10 Spike Maul Handles
1 Part Spool Bonding Wire
2 Part Spool Pole Bacing [?] Wire
1 Hand dirt Car
1 Adze
1 Pair Bolt Snips
1 Brush Hook
1 Piceroon [sic, really picaroon “A short-handled device with a pointed metal end used to move and align logs and lumber inside a sawmill or in confined areas.”]
1 riveting Hammer
1 croscut [sic] Saw
1 Hand Saw
2 Driling [sic] Machines
1 Broken Brace
1 sodoring [sic] Machine
1 Wall Lamp
1 Lantern
2 Burn Peevees [?]
50 Cold chisels
2 Tong Timber Carriers
1 Striking Hammer
200# Soder
2 Doz[en] drills
1 Bbl [barrel] crude Oil
1 can Lubricating Oil
1 Part Spool Troly [sic, Trolley] Wire
1 Extra Switch
1/2 Keg RR Spikes
1 Keg Rail Bolts
30 Arms Rods
50 Insulators
5 lots of different Hangers
104 Rail supports [sic]
25 Extra Rails
3 doz[en] 4 inch Screws
1 dozen Eye Bolts
1 Box cast Wire Hangers
[crossed out]13 Bundles Banding Wire[/crossed out] Stolen
3 doz[en] Gywire [sic] clamps
3 Rail lifting Jacks
About 100 Extra length switch ties

Peter J. Lang RR4
City Watchman

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