History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
July 23, 2005
Polk Directory 1910 Notes

A selection of entries for HP&LB related people.


Abrahamson Brick Co (Mrs Annie Abrahamson), J M Brewster Mngr, Yards 13th Av SW and W Edmunds, Riverside, Tel Main 2502, Office 324 Pioneer Bldg, Tels 3685, Main 1077

Nessim Alhadeff not in the phone book. Friends are.

Egidio Arnaldo not listed

Bassett-Yount Co .. Not listed. There is a "Yount Malcolm A storekpr Pullman Co r Y M C A" and many Bassetts: student, "opr", carp x3, marine eng, musician, manager at Seattle Ice, superintendant of Grant Smith, stenographer, engineer, miner.

Bell W J, there are three: "Wm J (C J Bell & Co) b 1613 N 53d" and "Wm J clk b 811 Bell". Most likely, "W J eng N P Ry"

Burkhart David I, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, 967 Empire Bldg, Tels Ind L4084, Main 2329, h 2718 11th Av N

No GH Copeland Company.. "Copland Geo H h 518 14th Av N"

No Ewald Brothers Inc; however, about 8 Ewalds in book.

Frykholm and Gustavson (John Frykholm jr G G Gustavson) proprs Hotel Richelieu 210 Occidental Av

Theodore Hansen, several. "Theo lab h 1413 W 60th" or "Theo lab r 58 Battery" or "Theo & Co (Theo Hansen H Martins) grocers 1059 Thistle" or "Theo W agt Vendsyssel Packing Co 12-614 Boren av" then missing pages

17 Wm Hill . Hill & George, clk, fireman, janitor, trucker C M & P Ry, 'A' Jost & Hill, 'A' clk, 'A' stm ftr, 'C' carp, 'H' clk, 'J' motorman SE Co r, 'L' lawyer, 'L' jr student U of W, 'M' foreman, 'R' Hill Bros, 'W' clk, 'W C' seaman

Hood's Candy Co (W H Hood), Candy and Ice Cream Manfrs, Confectioners Public Market 1509 Pike Place, Tels Ind 5428, Main 6062

American Portable House Co, James D Horton Pres-Mngr, Charles M Howe Sec-Treas, 329 Arcade Bldg, Tels Ind A2170, Main 3858

4 Walter Johnson . Johnson & Solberg, tmstr McRae & Branigan, D adv, S, T student

Meerscheidt-Trenckmann Realty Co (A Meerscheidt, R Trenckmann), Real Estate 234 Central Bldg, Tel Main 8608

Denny School Battery between 5th and 6th avs

Daniel Bagley School Woodland Park av and N 79th

Mercantile Bank The, Wm N Redfield, Pres, Martin J Henehan Vice-Pres, C A Doty Vice-Pres, C S Harley Cashr, 900 2nd Av Tels 861, Main 4504 (See Right Top Corner Cards)

Fischer Bros (George W and Frederick T), Wholesale Grocers 810-818 Western Av, Tels 705, Main 2062

Mitchell-Kalberg Co, (F W Mitchell, R M Kalberg), Mill Properties, Timber and Farm Lands, 630-633 Pioneer Bldg, Tel Main 3487

Mueller & Willers (Jos Mueller J F Willers) meats 4123 8th av S

College Market, Wm H Murphy Propr, 4301 15th Av NE, Tels North 48, White 588

Myers Arthur switchman N P Ry

Hanford & Blackwell, (Horace Day Hanford, James D Blackwell), Civil Engineers, 1101 Alaska Bldg, Tels Ind 1289, Main 3277. (See Engineers - Civil & Surveying Dept)

W V Rinehart & Co (Wm V Rinehart) real est 1109 Alaska bldg

Louvre Saloon, Café & Grill Room, Emil C Rink Propr, 1000 1st

Palace Market Co (S C Roll Chas Schoening) meats 502 2d av

Stirrat Jas R pres Pac Board & Paper Co sec Stirrat & Goetz Investment Co h 946 17th av N

Goetz Herman vice-pres Independent Asphalt Paving Co pres Stirrat & Goetz Investment Co h 707 16th N

Seattle Brewing & Malting Co, Louis Hemrich Vice-Pres-Mngr, Charles W Loomis Sec-Gen Auditor, John T Campion Treas, Office and Plant Georgetown, Bay View Branch 9th Av S nr Hanford, Tels Ex 27, Main 6727

John A Whalley & Co (John A and Arthur W Whalley), Insurance and Surety Bonds Colman Bldg, Tels Ind 611, Main 745

Rainier Grand Hotel, 909 -15 1st

Totem Investment Co (W W Wilcox) real ext 614 1st av

Abrahamson, Annie (wid Alfred) propr Abrahamson Brick Co h 12th av SW cor W Edmunds
Ausman, Frank A grocer 1021 E Madison h 417.5 Eastlake av
Blaker Jas H tmstr r 82 W Yesler way
Burrows A Selden, County Supt of Schools h 1137 10th Ave N
Crawford Louis C, Real Estate and Mortgage Loans 322 New York Bldg, Tels 659, Main 859, r The Clarke Hotel
Crell Edwd H piano mkr h 6043 26th NE
Dashley Fred W Miner h 2014 E Denny
Devers Robert A Lawyer 630-32 New York Bldg, Tels A 5212, Main 2689, h nw cor 6th Ave SW and W Henderson
Doty Chauncey A, Vice-Pres The Mercantile Bank, h 614 14th Av N
Few Edwd market gardener h Duwamish av Riverside
Few Chas market gardener h Duwamish av Riverside
Gardner Henry S eng h 5722 13th Av SW
Giddings Raymond S civ eng b 1313 Franklin av
Glenn Harvey L assayer U S Assay Office h 703 20th av
Green Chas H h 4755 Bond
Green H C cond N P Ry
Gustavson Gusg G (Frykholm & Gustavson) h 2312 Harvard ave N
Hanson Carrie (wid Geo) h Riverside R F D
Harris Fletcher A salsn Fischer Bros h 812 31st av
Hood Wm H (Hoods Candy Co) b 314 Queen Anne av
Howe Chas M sec-treas American Portable House Co h 2324 California av
Howell J H eng r 1409 5th av
Hughes Robt H student b 1123 14th av
Klaus Chas B clk R M S h 3244 W 64th
Lillico Richard E, Real Estate 404 New York Bldg, Tel Main 150 h E 1714 13th av, Tel East 2422
Lyons Robt restaurant 101 Prefontaine pl r 605 Yesler way
McElreath Barton R prin Daniel Bagley sch h 1107 Franklin av
McLaughlin Jos R pres McLaughlin Realty Co h 1815 10th av N
Joseph R McLaughlin Pres, Earl J McLaughlin Vice-Pres, Robert F Booth Sec-Treas, 1105-8 American Bank Bldg, Tels Ind 2283, Main 1336
Meerscheidt Axel (Meerscheidt-Trenckmann Realty Co) h 3614 E John
Mitchell Frank W (Mitchell-Kalberg Co) h 15 Adrian ct
Miller Jos (Mueller & Willers) b 4327 7th av S
Murphy Arthur meats 505 Pike h 120 Fairview
Murphy Wm H propr College Market grocer and meats 708 Ewing meats 1316 E 42nd h 3634 Aurora av
Otis B J clk S E Co
Peters Henry M capitalist r 320 Union
Petley Benj H civ eng Hanford & Blackwell Co h 1419 37th av
Plumb Frank H prin Denny sch h 2202 N 44th
Ravet Emil E draftsman City Eng h 1417 Charles
Rinehart Wm V (W V Rinehart & Co) h 760 Belmont av N
Rink Emil C propr The Louvre h B619 Eastlake av
Roll Silas C propr Palace Market h 108 19th av
Scheel Wm market gardener h Duwamish av Riverside
Schoening Chas (Palace Market Co) h 162 19th av
Scott Jas tailor 510 Marion bldg h 128 Westlake av N
Sherman Clyde W civ eng 302 Am Bank bldg b 8829 1st av S
Soames Harry L student b Harry Soames
Herman Goetz pres Jas R Stirrat sec 914 Northern Bank Bldg
Suter Chas C h 1415 E Olive
Thorndike Chas A cashr S B & M Co h 2441 Federal av
Torn - Upper G Wyatt, Pres G W Upper Co, h 313 18th Av
Weiffenbach Aug J propr Seattle Cornice Wks h 302 13th av N
West Danl E h Rainier av Maple sta Georgetown
Whalley John A (John A Whalley & Co) h 652 W Galer
White George W H, Real Estate and Investments 407 Oriental Blk, Tels Ind 2932, Main 2209, r Rainier-Grand Hotel
Wilcox Wm W (Totem Investment Co) h 2140 9th av W)
Woodin Scott P phys h 507 Charleston av Georgetown

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