History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
July 23, 2005
Polk Directory 1911 Notes

People and business related to HP&LB.

Gregory Linden I real est 856 Empire bldg r Hotel Sorrento

Theodore Hansen, several. "The agt Vandsyssel Packing Co b 614 Boren av"; "Theo lab city st dept"; "Theo lab h 1413 W 60th" or "Theo F (T F Hansen & Co) h 1059 Thissel" or "Theo W agt 12-615 Boren av"

14 Hill . Will A dep county clk; Wm (Hill & George painters), Wm eng; Wm janitor, Wm lab Wm stereotyper; Wm A lab; Wm A waiter; Wm H harnessmkr; Wm H salsnColorade Inv Co; Wm H waiter hdqtrs; Wm M lineman PT&T Co; WM R (Hill Bros); Wm R plumber

2 Hughes Robt . E propr Yates Hotel h 1524.5 6th av; H student r 1123 14th av

7 Walter Johnson . Blksmth; cashr; decorator; D adv mngr The Argus res Endolyne sta; S sec Chesley Tug & Barge Co; T clk Quality Clothes Shop

Lindsey Marshall rancher h cor 9th av SW and W Trenton

McCallister John W rancher h R F D 4

McElroy James F, Lawyer Tel Main 1034, h 2012 th Av, Tel Main 2004

Mitchell Frank W pres Washington Pulley & Mnfg Co and Mill Properties, Timber and Farm Lands 633 Pioneer Bldg, Tel Main 7895, h 15 Adrian ct, Tel Main 2550

Washington Pulley & Manufacturing Co, F W Mitchell Pres, WI Johns Sec-Treas-Mngr, 8th Av W cor W Ewing, Tel Queen Anne 2697 (See Building Material Dept) [not listed in 1912]

Myers AR.. Archie R driver Union Oil Co; A R r 1514 Westlake av

Otis B J clk S E Co r 600 Madison

Rinehart Wm V Jr Sec-Mngr The Chilberg Agency h 15-903 9th Av

Seattle Mill & Mnfg Co Francis Rotch mngr lbr mnfrs 628 Lumber Exch

Sjolstrom Axel h 6th av SW cor W Henderson

Sorensen Sufus propr Sorensen's Grill h B5-151 11th av

Sorensen's Grill, Sufus Sorensen Propr, Restaurant and Bakery 920 1st Av, Tel Ind 893

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