History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
July 23, 2005
Street Names

When the line was built, streets weren't numbered. Here is some information on roads, north to south.

16th was "Wayne B Carr County Road" Road No 878. Small text "McKinnon" on spur map 4358. On the KC 1911 map, 16th south of 107th is labeled "Tacoma Short Line".

In Highland Park, 9th was RR Ave SW on the 1911 map, running south from Henderson.

1929 spur on "W Pilgrim street".. White Center area?

107th aka Argyle was "J R Miller Road" No 397.

12th south of 107th was not a road - just a "line" in 1911.

On King County Archives' 1911 map, it appears that Ambaum headed west down 116th to Seahurst Elementary.

10th between 149th and 152nd was called "Schoening Road" on the 1911 King County map.

149th was known as Seahurst in 1911.

150th was known as Deering in 1911.

151st was known as Nome in 1911.

152nd was "J B MacDougal County Road" alternately McDougal with a line under the c. Road No 882. On the 1911 map, though, it's Rainier Street.

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