March 30, 2004

Bit Crusherrrr

"Bit Crusherrrr"

Hyperjoh: 36829

Put your hands together From that position I'm ill Bit Crusher
Where is my Shakkah Buddah
Stay an ill Bit Crusher

Tea Cup Melting like a cube of sugar in one
Mass production of the creature It's a chemical weapon It's a weapon
My call number is "Apple (Ringo) ill Bit Crusher"

Everyone's like that - bellicose winner Everyone gives up

Get up motherfucker Look at the macro
Useless data boom inverter
Work computer nanomachine

See this era, then look left at the odd race
The present The latest investigation of your mind Bacterial tyranny Down hill race of military power

And the Bit Crusher in my head That state of complete impossibility
We don't control ill Bit Crusher
[] break down and run mode of existance
Like the ROM you change and toss away
This lost, mysterious existance Completely out of the question
What do you think of that half conductor?
Nature quasar fly all you want in virtual
Discover the genetic code Look! Look! Something's wrong with this
The state of this shape Error Number 13 Already given up

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Posted on March 30, 2004 10:55 PM
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