March 30, 2004


Words : ISHIG∀KI / Kyono
Music : ISHIG∀KI / Takeshi ¥ Ueda

Know yourself now

Standing there for some time.
And everything starts to move.
But they kill you with crazy imbalance.
And you're still rotting away.
father; I sense freedom in you.
But you can't just act like you don't know him now.

Yeah, if you're buried there
There's nothing to be afraid
But they laugh at you with crazy imbalance
Then you're gonna start rotting for sure.
father; I can sense your power.
But I'm not acting like I forgot about him now.

A sound mind in a sound body

I kill you with my the crazy imbalance of my heart.
And you contine to rot even now

Know yourself now

Japanese Lyrics:

Know yourself now

Itsu karaka soko ni tatteiru
Soshite aru mono subete ugokihajimeteiru
Dakedo karera wa kurutta baransu de kimi o korosu
Soshite ima demo zutto kusaritsuzuketeiru
father 俺は君に自由を感じてる
father ore wa kimi ni jiyuu o kanjiteru
だけど そいつを今も 知らないフリなどできはしない
Dakedo Soitsu o ima mo Shiranai furi nado deki wa shinai

そう そこでうずもれているだけなら
Sou Soko de uzumoreteiru dake nara
Nanimo osoreru koto wa keshite nai darou
Dakedo karera wa kurutta baransu de kimi o warau
そして そこからきっと腐り始めていく
Soshite Soko kara kitto kusarihajimeteiku
father 俺は君の力を感じてる
father ore wa kimi no chikara o kanjiteru
だけど そいつを今も 忘れたフリなどしてはいない
Dakedo Soitsu o ima mo Wasureta furi nado shite wa inai


Ore no kokoro no kurutta baransu de kimi o korosu
Soshite ima demo zutto kusaritsuzuketeiku

Know yourself now

Thanks to Shinya Machida of Capsule Soup for typing up the Japanese lyrics (not romaaji) for me.

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