April 6, 2004

CiSTm K0nFLiqT

Lyrics: Kyono & Takeshi Ueda, Music: Takeshi Ueda

Let�s end the game
Sono geemu o owarasero

You�re gonna be logged out
Omae jishin o roguauto surunda

Yeah now, future eternity ahead, that vision
Sou ima mirai eigou no saki sono bijyon
そう今 未来永劫の先そのビジョン

Wack circulator
Wack Sakyureetaa

Radar in the trash junk
Radar in the trash muda
Radar in the trash 無だ

It starts here, the master power starts from zero
Koko ni umidase Master power start from zero
ここに生み出せ Master power start from zero

Stampeding in panic masses
Bousou tokasu A lot of people
暴走とかす A lot of people

Mad tribe stands ground
Stand up! Mad tribe there

Track is goin
Get the track

Get caught in the snare in justice
Sei ni wana ni kakaru

Under par like a weekend driver
Weekend driver no you na shinguru pureyaa da
Weekend driver の様なシングルプレヤーだ

A patch out: How is it?
Patch out da, dou da
Patch out だ どうだ
96kH sine wave
96kH no sain WAVE nami

Drop a fire wire bomb
Faiyaa waiyaa bakudan touka

For a peaceful future
Nara Peaceful na shourai da
ならPeaceful な将来だ

Reincarnation of Cane and Able
Kain-Aberu kara kono rinne

Now it�s a restart! Yeah, it�s a format! It�s a new track!
Ima Restart da! Sou format da! New track da!
今Restartだ!そうFormatだ!New trackだ!


The hybrid culture this nation spits out
Hakidase haiburiddo culture in this nation
はき出せハイブリッドculture in this nation

Violently max level

Out of the conflict, society falls

Straight across the line

There�s glory in that future �
Sono mirai ni eikou are �
その未来に栄光あれ �

New format! New enter of the reload!
Drive it! Keep drivin!
New format! New enter of the reload!

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CiSTm K0nFLiqT
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