March 31, 2006

Band break up

It's april fools and all, but on the main page of MCM's site, they just announced that the band is breaking up.

Actually, right now they're just 'taking a break', and doing individual activities. Maybe they'll get back together later? On Takeshi's site he says that he wants to get back to a point where he can make music the way MCM is supposed to. Neither Kyono nor Motokatsu have anything on their sites yet today.

Future info on Takeshi, (clothing brand)

Info on Kyono, (clothing, design)

Info on Motokatsu (drum collaborative) (clothing, design) (????)

I may put future info on the band members here, but otherwise consider this site to be on ice.

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Posted on March 31, 2006 4:12 PM
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