April 12, 2006

Factory Archive

Factory will be replaying an old live performance.

On episode 0304 of Fuji Television's music program The Factory, they will be airing an archival live performance of The Mad Capsule Markets as a tribute to the band's recent "hiatus".

The episode will be aired at 11pm on April 15th on Skyperfect TV, and then again at 2:45am on April 26th on Fuji TV (Kantou). Skyperfect refers to this as episode 150, and will repeat it at 4pm on 4/21 as well.

These are likely from Episode 22, which included Possess in Loop, Crash Pow, and Kami-Uta from August 29, 1998.

It might also include parts of an interview from episode 123 from March 10, 2004

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Posted on April 12, 2006 5:20 AM
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