February 5, 2005

MAD book

100 page photo book from Victor Entertainment.

They're selling it preorder at Tower Records Japan and HMV Japan. There are "only" 10000 copies available. It comes out March 16th. The book is only 500 yen, but Tower's shipping to the US is 2000 yen and to the UK it's 4000 yen!

I don't have an ISBN yet, but the it's from Victor Entertainment, the name is "Mad", and the catalog number is MAD1. Good luck folks!

This covers 15 years of Mad, it's a color book of photos hand-selected by the 3 Mad members. It's the first official book to be published about Mad, because they've always felt you can't understand them without sound. There is also a long interview with each of them. The book reviewers are making a big deal about the fact it has the design style of an English magazine. I can't gather whether it was actually designed overseas or not.

No word on the official page about this yet...

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Posted on February 5, 2005 7:45 PM
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