December 27, 2004

Back in Action!!

The site is back in full working order!

You may have noticed that comments were busted. Well, that wasn't it. A hung process on the server during installation of MT 3.12 was blocking me from making any template changes, which would have let me fix the comment problem. Along the way I found some really bad problems with the site that no one bothered to tell me about! Hope it wasn't too rough for you all.

Short of it:

- You can comment, though you'll have to register with Typepad, as it goes now with all MT sites. Good news is there will be little spam at least to begin with.
- Fixed links form some single discography pages
- Fixed member and ex/support contributions.

Now to catch up on all of the action since I no longer hit a wall of stress when I think about my site.

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Posted on December 27, 2004 3:50 PM
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