March 31, 2004

XXX With a Hedgehog

"Harinezumi to XXX"
"XXX with a Hedgehog"

I was so busy / the night highway / my dark path home.
A cigarette / When I lit it / A voice from behind saying hold it a minute.
XX with a Hedgehog / XX with a Hedgehog

A gumball wondering what you're doing / we're just walking around / us hedgehogs
Rotten eyes that look down on others / snotty attitude that despises people.
XX with a Hedgehog / XX with a Hedgehog

XXXXX like always / Pat me down like always
XXXXX like alwayas / You're always an angel of justice
XX with a Hedgehog / XX with a Hedgehog

And there's nothing after all / But the gumball still isn't sure
Arbitrarily stopping people / and telling them to go home
XX with a Hedgehog / With a Hedgehog

What makes you think you're so great?

Yes fuckin' XXXXXX / Yes fuckin XXXXXX

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Posted on March 31, 2004 3:58 PM
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