December 27, 2004

Band Contributions

While Mad members; check Ex/support Contributions for pre and post-Mad works.

  • Kerrang! issue ?? CD ?? [2004]
    "Gaga Life" is track 12
  • Spex Magazine [2003]
    "Gaga Life" is track 3
  • Kerrang! issue 946 CD Revved Up [2003]
    "Come" is track 5
  • Kerrang! High Voltage [2003] (info here)
    "Fly High" appears on this 2cd sampler from the UK at the end of the second disk
  • Joujouka album "Are You Elovetric?" [2003]
    Song "Invade01 Joujouka Remix" Kyono performs guest vocals. Remixed by Mad Capsule Markets?
  • Dengeki Network album "Sasaori" [2002]
    Kyono performs vocals on the track "Sasaori"
  • Joujouka single "Invade" [2002]
    Kyono performs guest vocals (info here)
  • The Last Minute [2001]
    Razorface remix of Tribe apears as track 6 on this soundtrack
  • Kerrang! issue 881 CD Incoming 2002 [2001]
    Out/Definition is track 3 on this sampler cd
  • "Hellcar" [2001]
    "Pulse" appears on this sampler cd (info here)
  • "Virtually Alternative" volume 134 [2001]
    "Pulse" appears on this sampler cd (info here)
  • "Johnny Moseley Mad Trix" [2001]
    "Tribe" and "Midi Surf" appears on this PS2 game's soundtrack
  • "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3" [2001]
    "Pulse" appears on this PS2 game's soundtrack
  • "Tokyo Now! 2" Compilationbr /> "Chaos Step" appears on disk two
  • Megalomaniacs Show Time! compilation CD for Space Shower TV [2001]
    All the Time in Sunny Beach (DJ Bryan PV Version)
  • Ridge Racer V for Playstation 2 [2000]
    Takeshi Ueda created the song "DRFTDVL"
  • Air Jam 2000 Video [2000]
    Pulse and Island (live versions)
  • "Dr. Speedlove Presents vol. 2" compilation [2000]
    "Crash Pow (Digital Hardcore Remix)"
  • Chinese Food!! by Two Ball Loo on album "Car Tunes" [1999]
    "Possess in Loop" sample
  • "Destroy the Monsters millennium Godzilla remixes" [1999]
    Takeshi Ueda remixed "Godzilla Walk"
  • YMO Remixes Volume One [1999]
    Motokatsu, Takeshi, and Kei Kusama remixed "Tong Poo"
  • "Mind the Gap vol. 23" compilation from volume 36 of the Belgian magazine Gonzo Circus [1999]
    "Systematic (Audioactive remix)"
  • "Full Tilt 2" compilation [1998]
    "Crash Pow"
  • Japanese Homegrown Vol. 2 [1996]
  • "I Want to Love So Much the Glaciers Melt" (Gerende ga Tokeru hodo Koi shitai) Soundtrack
  • "Riot" Image Album (VICL-582) [1994]
  • Issay's album "Flowers" [1994]
    CraY and Motokatsu appearance on tracks 1, 7, and 11
  • Schaft [project of Raymond Watts of KMFDM, Maki Fujii of Soft Ballet, and Hisashi Imai of Buck-Tick]'s album "Switchblade" [1994]
    Motokatsu plays drums on trak 12 "Arbor Vitate", CraY plays bass on "Arbor Vitate" and on track 2 "The Hero Inside"
  • Schaft's video "Switchblade Visual Mix" [1994]
    Motokatsu plays drums
  • Soft Ballet album "Incubate" [1993]
    Ishigaki plays bass and CraY (Takeshi) plays guitar *not sure what songs*
  • Dance 2 Noise 002 [1992]
    "Japanese Sight" (only release of this song)
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