March 31, 2004

D Day

The flow of your words offers everything you believe in.
Tongue is light, head is heavy, shaved off ears constantly are sparkling.
Heart is beating fast and doesn't stop from beginning to end. Offer all you suspect.
In speed you drink with your tongue, your twitching head is in a casket.

D-Day If you lift the lid
D-Day The way it is
D-Day Every time it happens
D-Day Made spineless

From the sound of shadows at 3am receive the invited guests.
Out of drugs you hold your head, your stiff face is constantly sharpened.

Your life shrinks, without guidance; give your heart that left your chest.
You let air out noisily; break open your brains in a casket.

D Day Just confused
D Day The way it is
D Day Every time it happens
D Day Made spineless

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Posted on March 31, 2004 10:27 AM
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