June 6, 2004

020120 DVD

2002/10/26, Japan

020120 Video Jacket Picture
Victor, Speedstar

    Track List
  1. -Opening-

  2. Introduction 010

  3. Come.

  4. Chaos Step

  5. Gaga Life

  6. Jam!

  7. Out / Definition

  8. Good Girl

  9. All the Time in Sunny Beach

  10. Midi Surf

  11. 雲-kumo-

  12. This is Mad Style

  13. Fly High

  14. R.D.M.C.

  15. Tribe

  16. Pulse

  17. Island

  • Performed at Zepp Tokyo, Japan, on 20th January 2002.

  • Bonus Tracks include raw live footage of the following songs: Introdution 010, Come, Jam!, This is Mad Style, Fly High, RDMC, Tribe, Pulse.

  • Bonus documentary of the EU tour shot in UK and France in May 2002.

  • Bonus live video of Kami-Uta from Zepp Tokyo, Japan, on 25th March 2000 [this is fitting because the song was performed regularly as the encore during the 2002 tour]

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