June 6, 2004

reading S.S.M. video

1994/06/22, Japan

Reading Video Jacket Picture
Victor, Invitation

    Track List
  1. Mix-ism

  2. S.S.Music

  3. マスメディア


    Mass Media

  4. Problem Children

  5. G.M.J.P

  6. システムエラー

    Shisutemu Eraa

    System Error

  7. 彼女のナイフ

    Kanojyo no naifu

    Her Knife

  8. Humanity

  9. だんだん

    Dan dan

    Bit by bit

  10. Be Silent Fuckin' System

Recorded live 1994.02.23 in Shibuya Koukaidou. Tour supporting Mix-ism, "Reading S.S.M"

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Posted on June 6, 2004 11:40 AM
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