Walking and the pedestrian environment
August 3, 2004
Open Space Park (Seattle)

Plans for parks

thumbnailThe planned park is between Lakeview and Franklin E south of E Howe. It will cost about $1.9 million, and will include the longest staircase in Seattle, an offleash dog area, and a mountain bike area. A general park space will be left pretty much bare unless they have some left-over funds.

This is a great use of the space. We need to reclaim all of the space under and around the freeways, and not allow any additional land to be taken.

There are other parks along I-5. Through downtown these include Kobe Terrace Park, 4 Columns, Boren/Pike/Pine, and Freeway Park. These are all on my list for photography.

There are other stairs along I-5, such as the connection between Yesler Terrace and S Jackson.

The mountain bike addition is very creative and encourages biking along this corridor.

It should be done later this year.

Posted by Rob Ketcherside at August 3, 2004 3:39 PM
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