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September 9, 2000
Train Links (Seattle)

Some train related links spiraling out from Seattle.

History of the Highland Park & Lake Burien Railroad. This was a trolley line that went from Seattle, south to what is now Burien, in the 1910s to 30s.

Sound Transit - commuter rail, light rail, and express freeway buses in the Seattle area.

Amtrak's page on the Cascade line - Portland to Vancouver

Metro Employee Historic Vehicle Association - maintains historic trolley buses, and gives tours on them periodically.

Spirit of Washington Dinner Train - fine dining on a train that skirts the East side of Lake Washington, near Seattle.

Iron Goat Trail - an interpretive hike in the Cascades that passes several tunnels and snow sheds along an old rail line.

Iron Horse Trail - another rails to trails program. This one is much longer, and includes the Snoqualmie Tunnel, a frightening 2.5 mile tunnel. A nice bike ride.

WSDoT's King Street Station renovation page - photographs of the real thing

WA State DoT Rail office

Snoqualmie Railroad (Northwest Rail Museum). Easily accessible from Seattle, they have a nice museum, a fun 15 minute train ride (hour round trip including stop), and a ton of rolling stock and engines just sitting around.

Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad - fun hour and a half round trip steam ride in Elbe (about an hour SE of Tacoma).

WA Steam Railfan - lots of info on steam trains in Washington State.

Iron Horse Inn

Rail Travel in the US

NYC Subway - an excellent site. Especially enjoyable is the section on abandoned stations and lines.

UseNet Railfan image archive

Osaka, Japan's Modern Transportation Museum - excellent. car by car photos.

Railroad History of Modern Japan

Japanese Railway Society

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