May 1, 2007

Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z Episode 1

Completely translated by me, this is the first episode of the Japanese cartoon Mazinger Z.

This show has so much dialog, this might be the only episode I ever do!

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Soaring in the sky, a fortress of iron.
Super Robot, Mazinger Z.
His unrivaled power comes to our rescue
And righteous, just heart: “Pilder On!”
Flying fist, Rocket Punch!
Do it! Shoot it! Breast Fire!
Mazing-go! Mazing-go! Mazinger Z!

Birth of a Marvelous Robot
Aegean Sea – Bardos Island

We’ve finally arrived
You’re sure we weren’t followed?
Yes, Baron Ashura
Alright. I need to see Dr. Hell.
It’s Ashura; I was summoned by Dr. Hell.
Baron Ashura, you’re here.
Dr. Hell, how fare you?
At last, the time has come for my conquest of the world.
Dr. Hell, my congratulations.
Look! There stands my mechanical beast army.
The mechanical beasts’ movements can be controlled with this Staff of Bardos.
First Garada K7!
Hey, knock it off, K7!
If that scythe was thrown, this underground fortress would be destroyed.
Wake up, Dabras M2!
Stop, M2!
That laser takes less than a minute to melt steel.
Dr. Hell, your mechanical beast army is amazing.
With them, your conquest of the world will end swiftly.
It’s as if your domination is already complete.
I have but one concern.
What could it be?
Professor Kabuto.
Professor Kabuto?
A world-class scientist in Japan,
The only man who knows the secret of my mechanical beasts.
I remember. The one who made such a vital invention in the world of science?
Japan’s outstanding scientist Professor Kabuto, fulfilled humanity’s longtime wish of power through light - photonic energy.

This is the newly invented Super Alloy Z
Doctor, what is Super Alloy Z made of?
The new element Japanium.
New element?
It’s a new element that Professor Kabuto discovered in Mt. Fuji. It can only be found there.
I used that new element, Japanium, to create Super Alloy Z.
Let me show you its properties.
Behind the glass is a laser cannon with the power to melt steel in an instant
You’ve done it! {?}
Next we’ll apply photonic energy.
That was the new energy derived from the element Japanium {?}
Wow! A new first in the world of science.
You’re retiring?
Dr. Yumi, there is something I must do.
I’m leaving the Photonic Research Institute in your hands.
You must always use photo power to help the cause of peace.
Okay, but it will be lonely without you.
Humans must always part eventually. That is the natural process.
Professor Kabuto, who invented photonic energy, has retired and left the insitute in the hands of Yumi??
I’m troubled by his resignation.
Although he knew the secret of my robot monster army, he told no one. Why not??
Baron Ashura!
Kill Professor Kabuto, who stands in the way of world domination.
I’ve been awaiting those words, Dr. Hell.
No one can rival my robot army once I have Japanium
Dr. Hell, leave it to me.
I give you the staff of Bardos to lead my robot army.
I understand
Go to Japan! Take submarine Salude with our our robot monsters.
Yes! Submarine Salude.
Submarine Fortress Salude has astounding weapons.
It can create huge waves at will from the deep sea
Also, it can make huge whirlpools that suck in battleships.
My preparations are complete!
Submarine Fortress Salude, launch!
Okay, surface
Did you find Professor Kabuto?
Professor Kabuto has two grandchildren.
What? Grandchildren?
They must know his hiding place
Professor Kabuto’s home is here in Tokyo. Okay, let’s try this first.
Master Shiro! If you sleep here, you’ll catch cold.
What about Kouji?
He’s still not back.
What’s he doin out all night?
He’s probably on his motorcycle
Brother is such a crazy guy. They need to lock him up. {?}
You fucker! Watch it!
It’s the size of the fight in the dog!
Must be master Kouji!
Oh! Who is it?
Good Evening
Where is Professor Kabuto?
Who are you? Someone help!
Quiet down! Now answer!
At Fuji!
At the cabin in Aogihara.
That’s all I need to hear.
Who are you? Hold it!
Strange. Those weird guys came from our place.
What happened, Shiro?
Brother, they killed our maid, Rumi!
Why was she killed?
I don’t know
Who killed her?
It must have been those guys just now.
Damn, where did they go?
Dr. Hell’s minions have finally found me.
Hello, Kabuto residence.
Kouji, it’s me
I have something important to tell you
Me too! Rumi has been killed!
The ones who killed her had on steel masks.
What? Steel masks?
Destroy the cabin and kill Professor Kabuto!
Kouji, I have an important message for you. Come here at once with Shiro.
An important message?
World peace depends on it! Just come as soon as –
What happened?
I dunno.
Explosives ready.
Shiro, something’s happened to Grandpa.
We must save Grandpa, brother!
Leave it to me.
I’m going too!
Hold on tight.
If you fall off, I won’t stop.
The explosive switch.
This is the end of Professor Kabuto.
Now Professor Kabuto, who caused so many problems for Dr. Hell, is dead!


When life is on the line, [Hito no inochi wa tsukiru to mo]
Mazinger Z’s strength is immortal. [Fumetsu no chikara, mazinger z]
In this world of unending battle, [Arasoi taenai kono yo no naka ni]
Hope for happiness and shoot at evil. [Shiawase motomete, aku o utsu]

The cottage is on the other side of these woods.
The cottage is gone!
Hey! Grandpa!
Shiro, Shiro, what happened?
Where are you?
What’s this hole?
Shiro, pull it together! Are you okay?
Where is this?
Looks like a basement built below the cabin.
But the cabin had no basement! Did Grandpa build it?
Can you here me? It’s Kouji and Shiro.
You made it in time. Read this later.
Shiro, let’s pull Grandpa out from under there.
It’s no use.
You can’t save me.
Who did this to you?
Dr. Hell.
Eh? Dr. Hell?
An evil scientist bent on world domination.
Kouji, look at that.
What’s over there?
In the space beyond that computer panel.
A robot.
Who on earth made this?
It was me who built it.
Why such a monster?
No matter what, I had to make this Mazinger Z.
Why, Grandpa?
To stymie the ambitions of Dr. Hell.
Mazinger Z’s body is made out of my Super Alloy Z, fueled by photonic energy, and has all sorts of weapons inside
That robot is complete. There is nothing left to add or improve.
Kouji, Shiro, this robot is yours.
I have but one regret – that I’ll never be able to see you ride in it.
With Mazinger Z, you can be a god or devil.
Kouji, with Mazinger Z you will be the Super Man Kabuto Kouji.
So go! The controls are near Mazinger Z, in the Hover Pilder craft.
How do I use the Hover Pilder?
You fly the Hover Pilder into the head of Mazinger Z
Then, use the controls by..
Grandpa, hold on!
Don’t die!
Damn you for killing Grandpa!
Dr. Hell, celebrate!
As you ordered, I sent Professor Kabuto to the next world.
Good work, Baron Ashura.
Now destroy the towns of Japan, show the power of my robot monster army, and capture the Photonic Research Institute.
Understood. I will return to the submarine and begin the attack.
Begin maneuvers!
Move the Submarine Fortress Salude to Suruga Bay.
What’s this thing for?
Kouji, with Mazinger Z you will be the Super Man Kabuto Kouji!
Shiro, I’m going to pilot it
Is it okay, brother?
Leave it to me
.. I hope it’s that easy
How dependable.
Don’t worry! Easier than riding my chopper at night! But man there sure are a lot of buttons and switches.
What the heck. Well, whatever. I’ll just try em out.
See, no problem! Next I’ll try this one.
I told you so!
Damn, you punk! Disobey me?
Fixed it! Man!
Stop already.
Think I’ll give up on this?
Dumb Hover Pilder! If you don’t listen to your master, I’ll knock you around!
You won’t get anywhere cursing a machine.
Careful this time.
Ok, this next.
Just as I thought.
Alright, see if I can raise it…
Brother! How are you going to get it into Mazinger Z’s head?
I don’t think you can do it.
Shut up, I’m feelin it.
But there’s a saying, “Don’t go near the water ‘til you know how to swim.”
Quit picking on every detail! There’s also the saying “Even with bad aim, you can hit the target enough shots”
Shit, I’ll show you! I’m gonna dock in that head.
Hover Pilder, if you don’t get up there I’m going to break you into little pieces.
It moved! Yahoo, it’s flying!
Okay, now how do I get it in the head?
This is the tough part!
Maybe this?
I hope it goes smoothly…
It ain’t gonna fit like this. Maybe this one?
Oh wow!
That’s my big brother!
Okay, now I’ll move Mazinger Z.
Yeah! Move!
Oh man!
Save me!
Save me!
Brother, why are you chasing me!
C’mon, quit moving on your own! You have to listen to me!
Brother, are you trying to kill me?
He’s doing it on his own! Do something!
Someone save me, I’m going to get stepped on!
It’s the end!
What’s up with you?
I should be asking you. Why are you driving so recklessly?
You did it on purpose!
Wait, Sayako.
Ask the name of the boy in the cockpit.
But, daddy…
Just do as you’re told.
Who are you? What’s your name?
Kabuto Kouji.
As I thought, Professor Kabuto…
Wait. Stop your robot.
It won’t stop.
Where’re you going?
How do I know? Try asking Mazinger Z.
Show the devilish powers of my robot monster army! Completely destroy the town and seize the Photonic Research Institute. There is nothing that can stop you!
Dr. Hell’s plans for world domination were underway. But, the Robot Mazinger Z, which was meant to stand up to Dr. Hell’s mechanical beast army still can’t be piloted by Kabuto Kouji.
So, will Mazinger Z be able to face the mechanical beasts?

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