January 1, 2009
All You Ever Wanted To Know About Architecture
Introduction to Japanese architecture.

建築のすべてがわかる本 It seems obvious that an architecture book written in Japanese would be about Japanese architecture.  They're surprisingly hard to find, though!  Most books repackage information from the US or Europe on current trends in architecture, or the history of building from Egypt to Paris to New York.  Not this one. 

建築のすべてがわかる本 (2007) is a true history of architecture in Japan.  It's divided into three sections: Settlement and City Form, beginning in 4000bc; Development of Structure and Skill, beginning 2000bc; and Japanese Society and Culture Seen Through Architecture, from a thousand years ago.

Recently I was looking for information on a Flickr Commons photo of Ginza Renga-gai.  This book has a two-page spread on Renga-gai.  Like the whole book, it's got great full-color photos, historical paintings, and schematics.  The text answered every basic question I had and let me provide a specific date range for the photo.

If you can read Japanese and have an interest in architecture, pick it up!
Written at January 1, 2009 2:41 PM
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