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Dick Little's Cities of the West in Chicago Boomers, October 3, 2009
Satirical jabs at the Pacific Northwest
Indianapolis Then and Now in Flickr The Commons, September 2, 2009
Then, domestic terrorists bomb a library and stand trial. Now, tranquil city scenes.
Indicommons: Traveling Photography in Flickr The Commons, July 30, 2009
Recycling historic tourist scenes in Japan.
NP, UP, WP, Link Light Rail in Virgil Bogue, July 26, 2009
The ghost of Virgil Bogue keeps building railroads.
Paper for Discovering AYPE in Chicago Boomers, July 26, 2009
5000 word essay (+3000 words end notes) linked for your pleasure.
Association of Commerce One-Pager in Chicago Boomers, March 4, 2009
For the last MOHAI Discovering AYPE Seminar, I wrote a brief summary of my project....
Virgilia Bogue Baron in Virgil Bogue, February 15, 2009
The rollercoaster life of Virgil Bogue's only daughter.
Land Ho on the Walter A. Luckenbach in Flickr The Commons, January 15, 2009
Virginia medics arrive home from The Great War.
Asakusa's Shifty Pagoda in Flickr The Commons, January 14, 2009
Tokyo's famous temple bends space-time.
100 Years of Scenic Japan in Flickr The Commons, January 12, 2009
Five steps to finding Now & Then photos on Flickr.
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