June 14, 2006
Animal Farm

by George Orwell, Russell Baker
Historically significant drivel.

If this were written by a highschool-age relative, I'd be incredibly proud. As one of the most famous works of fiction from the 20th century, it really falls flat.

Not that it's George Orwell's fault. I'm sure it was as great as the preface (not the introduction, which was an unreadable pile of dung) said when first published. I bet it really did influence the thoughts of world leaders.

But here we are post-2000. The Soviet Union fell apart when I was in high school. This extended story comparing details of the history of the Soviet Union to a bunch of pigs and animals on a farm is well.. extended. Way too long. I got the general point, then the animals stopped being cute, and then I stopped being interested.

Luckily it was only a novella, and cut off after a hundred-odd pages.

Just another reason to read all of those unread books on your shelf. Soon they will be largely irrelevant and boring.

Written at June 14, 2006 4:22 AM
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