November 19, 2006
Urban Design Plan

In 2003 I helped out with the urban design plan for Seattle's International District.

Unfortunately I can't find a copy of it online, which obviously limits the impact it can have. It was really well thought out. There is a brief mention of it here.

There was a long process, attempting to outreach to community members, working with a design firm, and coordinated by the community developer at Interim.

On a splinter committee we created a series of interpretive signs which would engage with the folks briefly visiting the neighborhood (for parking or a snack) and educate them on its history and culture. I don't want to think about how many hours I invested in getting the wording just right with other committee members. Hundreds. Thousands? And then the Chinese community somehow viewed the project as a threat. I don't know if any signs have gone up, other than the Jazz one that the Mayor was putting in no matter what. Sad, it was going to be a serious resume item for me.

Written at November 19, 2006 5:02 AM
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