July 26, 2009
NP, UP, WP, Link Light Rail

A couple weeks back, I did my first professional writing. Crosscut.com picked up my article and ran it as Why light rail was predestined for MLK Way.

Last weekend, Seattle opened Link Light Rail. It seemed like a timely opportunity to share some of what I've learned about the Plan of Seattle.

The Plan of Seattle was the grandest and most remembered example of Bogue's forray in city planning. Many of his later works were purely port related, though he became a fixture at city planning conferences. At one he talked about how he put together the highway plan for Seattle. It spurred me to take another shot at finding remnants of the plan, and I stumbled on Martin Luther King Way as one of his few direct influences on our built environment.

Bogue was involved with and responsible for the construction and completion of many railroads in his life. Oroya, Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, Western Pacific, etc. Link Light Rail may be the only train he influenced in death.

Written by Rob Ketcherside at July 26, 2009 11:27 PM
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