History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
July 17, 2005
City Archive Box 1802-C1 Folder 11

Corporation Counsel Opinion Regarding Sale

From City Attorney to Seattle City Council
January 19, 1914
Law Department 732-45 Central Building


The satisfaction of all judgments, mortgages and liens of all kinds were prepared by us and have all been properly executed and acknowledged, all of said judgments and other liens fully discharged and satisfied. The company and its agents have therefore raised sufficient money to pay all outstanding valid claims and creditors, and to liquidate all debts and liabilities.

The company and its agents have succeeded in raising sufficient money to pay off in full all outstanding valid claims and debts of every kind. Satisfaction in full of all these respective creditors has been prepared by me and practically all such debts and liabilities have been liquidated. If any have been by mistake overlooked, they will be more than amply covered by the bond given the city.

A good and sufficient bond in the sum of Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars has been prepared and properly executed and acknowledged. This bond is given to indemnify the City against any outstanding claim or action which any person might have against said company or bring against the City. The work of the company has been so thorough, exhaustive and successful in cleaning up outstanding debts and valid claims against the company that it seems quite improbable that there will remain any claim of a very serious character which might make trouble hereafter. This bond, however, will protect the City against any such unexpected suits or claims. If any such claims exist at all and are unsatisfied, they will be comparatively small in amount and character. All creditors, as shown by the books of the company, and otherwise known of by the company, will, however, be fully paid off and satisfied.

In closing, permit me to say that the Highland Park and Lake Burien Railroad and its agents have succeeded in accomplishing what hitherto seemed to me an almost impossible task. Viewed in light of all the difficulties and conditions surrounding the road, it seemed almost impossible to me that they would ever succeed in securing a release and surrender of all the outstanding stock of the company, or that they would be enabled to secure enough money to pay the creditors and liquidate all valid claims and liabilities, or to secure a proper bond to protect the City against all possible outstanding claims, or to secure to the City the right to all the lands over which the road is laid. They have not only succeeded in one, but practically in all, of these respects. The work and tasks imposed upon them and the manner in which they have so successfully carried such burdens is marvelous and redounds greatly to the credit, ability and energy of those who have marshaled the forces and won the day

James E Bradford, Corporation Counsel

Accompanied by final deed.

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