History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
July 17, 2005
City Archive Box 1802-C1 Folder 12

Bond of City accepting Railway

Contract of bond for $5000. Held by:
. F A Ausman and Mrs F A Ausman
. W H Coughlin and Alice I Coughlin
. G W Upper and Emma L Upper
. L I Gregory and Emma Gregory
. C A Doty and Wilhelmine G Doty
. Carl A Ewald a bachelor
. W H Murphy and Carrie Murphy
. C Schoening and Minnie Schoening
. F W Dashley and Christina Dashley
. W A Dashley a bachelor

heretofore constructed a railway line, from a point near Spokane Street West and Iowa Avenue in The City of Seattle, and thence running in a general southerly direction from said point to a point at or near Lake Burien in King County, a distance of about nine(9) miles, for the purpose of operating electric cars thereon,

WHEREAS, All of the parties first mentioned herein are very desirous that said line be operated and managed by said city, and

WHEREAS, Such parties own lands along side, or in the immediate vicinity, of said line, and that the discontinuance of the operation of said line depreciates the value of all such lands, and

WHEREAS, The ownership and operation of said railway line by said city will greatly enhance the values of such lands, and...

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