History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
August 6, 2005
Seattle Ordinace 36033

An ordinance authorizing and directing the Board of Public Works to enter into agreement with J. T. Krumm relating to the hauling of logs on Division "C" of the municipal street railway.

Outlines a contract for J T Krumm and the city to construct a spur on Conrad Avenue to unload in the Duwamish, and to load from a logging railroad spurred off the main line somewhere between 136th and 144th. J T Krumm would supply railroad cars to haul 4-10 loads per day. One was transfered to possession of the City.

Signed into law May 24, 1916.

Posted by Rob Ketcherside at August 6, 2005 3:53 PM
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