History of Seattle Municipal Railway's Division C, the streetcar line that once connected Burien with White Center and Seattle.
July 21, 2005
Seattle Ordinance 33415

AN ORDINANCE authorizing and directing the Board of Public Works to construct a car barn and appurtenances necessary in the operation of the Lake Burien division of the city railway system, end appropriating money therefor.


Section 1. The Board of Public Works is authorized and directed to construct a car barn with necessary connecting tracks and appurtenances for the city railway system and the sum of $3,311.29, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is appropriated from the general fund for such purpose.

Section 2. The sum herein appropriated from the general fund shall be returned thereto as soon as moneys shall be available for such purpose from the sale of utility bonds issued under authority of Ordinance No. 33175, or from moneys derived from the operation of the city railway, as in the judgment of the City Council may be just and proper.

(used for all Ordinances except emergency.)

Section 3. This ordinance shall take direct and he in effect thirty days from and after its passage and approval, if approved by the Mayor; otherwise It shall take effect at time it shall become a law under the provisions of the city charter.

Passed the City Council the day of July. and signed by man in open session in authentication of its passage this day of June

President of the City Council.

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