March 31, 2004


Hyperjoy: 36826

Take a look Can you hear what I'm writing?
Buzz kick in the bomb track
This sound, ferocity coexisting in Utopia
Destroyder breaks you
44.1kH trooper case1
Strongest originality
German oscillator and Japanese filter & LFO
Done! The effect! Go on Moto beat

Worst creator group Personal computer
Midi surfer fights here now It's ver. 4
Pressing you for answers on the crown of your skull
44.1kH trooper case2
Skill is perfect aim up at the point you see on the top floor
No drive over doses your brain's limits

Look up The world takes over the heavens now
The form of that cutting edge sound, too
Creating here the TMCM sound

44.1kH trooper. God bless you now.
Here comes the Grime bass. Here comes the Buzz kick.
Here comes the butt head. Here comes the Moto beat.
Here comes the JAM JUMP!!

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Posted on March 31, 2004 2:34 PM
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