March 31, 2004


Hyperjoy: 33667

Asian never fear
And I jump it over on tricks
Rev up Get up
"Ultimate Karma" it makes your mind
I think you'll play jerk
It ain't no joke like a juggler
You gonna like it a jungleman's wicked

Jumble jag air
Watch out! I'll get up

So Aim at the bible with calculation
"Oriental Flava" is a watch kind of illusion
We got a bullet and we got a jamming contagion
Join the dawn it's called a revolution

Above are the original English lyrics, below is a translation of the translation of the lyrics; a Japanese translation was included, so here's what they meant:

Asia knows no fear
I jump tricks over it
Wake up your body, rev it up
Final karma will change you
You're probably just kidding around
But it's no joke
You're gonna be charmed by "jungleman"

"Jumble jag air"
"Watch out, I'll get up"

Secrets rule the bible with insanity
Oriental 'flava' is no fantasy
Use this choking bad influence as a bullet
Wait for the dawn called revolution

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Posted on March 31, 2004 2:33 PM
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