April 6, 2004

Bomb Idea

Lyrics: Kyono & Takeshi Ueda, Music: Takeshi Ueda

Everything sucks! Everything!
{Everything is shit}
Sickness system, sucks!
{This rotten system!}
System, it sucks!
{It�s shit!}

The words �future,� �world�
The words we destroy, ideals and light
The words we emit, the world we face
Ideological bombs. Future, with that power.

Start it!! Warning word to blow
{Start! An explosion of warning}
Warning!! Crying word to blow
{Warning! Explosion of words of despair!}
Warning!! Warning word to blow
{Warning! Those words will scroll away}

Japanese lyrics:

Everything sucks! Everything!
{Subete wa kuso da!}

Sickness system, sucks!
{Byouteki na shisutemu!}
System, it sucks!
{Sonna mono kuso da!}
The words 未来 世界
The words mirai sekai

破壊するwords 理想 光
Hakai suru words, risou, hikari

つくりだす words 向かう世界
Tsukuridasu words mukau sekai

Ideological bombs 未来 そのチカラを
Ideological bombs mirai sono chikara wo

Start it!! Warning word to blow
{Hajimero Keikoku ga hatsuserareru}
Warning!! Crying word to blow
{Keikoku! Nageki no kotoba ga hatsuserareru}
Warning!! Warning word to blow
{Keikoku! Sono kotoba ga sukuroru sareru}

Note: Text in {} represents translations of translations. Those original lines were in English, but Japanese translations were provided in the CD. So I've translated the Japanese translations to provide clarity of what they were trying to say.

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Posted on April 6, 2004 7:15 PM
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