March 30, 2004

Fan Sites

(J) Indicates Japanese language page

  • Haven't found anything new recently.

  • 4 Junk 2 Pop
    A nice Mad blog community with a prominent link to my site

  • Devil Missile
    Another great Japanese blog, with complete Japanese lyrics (J).

    Unofficial fan club (J).

  • xxxxxx Revolution
    Great info on censorship in Humanity era lyrics.

  • Channel 2 BBS (5)
    Mad geek info continues, 08/03 on. In the future, follow the link to go back to front page, then scroll down and click the link to see all threads. Search for capsule. You'll have the latest thread. If you can't figure out how to get there, you probably can't read the threads anyways.

  • M-A-D
    Good fan site; gathers lots of info from other sites (J)

    Defunct (looking for new URLs)
  • Capsule Soup
    Great fan site. (J) - where is it? this was the standard for so long.

  • Mad Madness
    Flamboyant, lots of niche info, like how Mad and Boowy are linked. Follow the top link to enter. (J) - where is it??? this was the wellspring of early info

    Nice site; forums dead last time I tried

  • Tracker
    Good fan site; backgrounds, images, news, etc (J)

  • No Mad, No Life
    Very informative Mad-centric blog from Japan (J).

  • Mad Tabs
    All Mad tabs. All the time. Currently has Osc-dis on, but looking for older tabs.

  • Mad Addict
    Wow, what a great site. Lyrics, discography, BBS; even references my site! Both Japanese and English

  • Mad Garage
    Wallpaper, iMode images, BBS, more (J)

  • Info on Riot Image Album (J)

  • Mad Tea Set
    Some sort of Post Pet images (J)

(last updated 2007/8/20.. lots of carnage in the year+ since they broke up)

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