March 30, 2004

Related Sites

(J) Indicates Japanese language page

  • Insipirt Made a few T-shirts

  • Mobstyles made a sweater

  • AJPRRadio promotion in UK for Cistm K0nfliqt singles

    The Rest
  • Japan Today
    Article on what Japanese bands need to do to sell in the US

  • Coop
    Artist who did a concert poster; buy the proof for $200

  • Positron
    Designers of everything after 4Plugs. Prototype drawings as well.

  • Positron cont
    Designs from the Pochi racing game. Makes nice wallpaper.

  • Rockied
    MCM stuff on display, but not for sale

  • hints OF love
    Ishigaki Ai official home page (J)

  • ends
    Ishigaki band 'ends' official home page (J)

  • God Save the Punk Rock
    Star Club fan site (contains TORU info) (J)

  • Star Club
    Offical Band site (J)

  • JVC Star Club
    JVC/Speedstar's Star Club Official Site (J)

  • Schaft
    Information about the Schaft project

  • Stupid Babies Go Mad
    Seto, one of the founders of this punk band, was an early member of Berrie (J)

  • US Tour
    Ticketmaster listing for non-existant US tour dates

  • On-U Sound
    Page for Adrian Sherwood, who remixed Walk!

  • Pretty Pictures
    HP for Art Director of Midi Surf video

  • The Syndicate
    Promoter for MCM that focuses on college radio stations

  • Crazy Pinoy
    Seattle-based street promoter who targeted skateboarders, ravers, record stores, and conventional rock fans for MCM

  • Northeastern Digital
    Created the ECDs for US promos and releases

  • Girlie Action
    Public Relations company for MCM in the US; MCM content seems to be missing

  • Artist Direct
    Says MCM will be touring first quarter of 2002 (which was wrong)

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