March 31, 2004



I saw it, the future known by television.
What's more, imitation of you is something I can't do.
Rip up that bible in which you search for reasons.
With the overflowing light at the moment of realization.


Colors will change, even if the omnipresent now is just a dream,
Nothing to cause confusion, until you can get to that place
The fantasies and realities that twine around everything
If it's an honest period your meaning is correct

Woh - I am a curio. Somebody will teach
There isn't even love. Please be there. There isn't heart or shadow either.
Woh - I am a curio. History rolls on
It'll burn an afterimage, it is here, stomped on until it ends.

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Posted on March 31, 2004 2:07 PM
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