College Papers

Note: as with everything on this site, it is illegal to use these papers without expressed permission of the site owner. I posted them here for informational use, not for lazy students.


Pre-Modern History of Odawara City (Japan) for Premodern Japanese History
Comparison of Life of Oharu and Life of an Amorous Woman for EAS 367
Book Report on Murakami Ryu's Novel 69 for Modern Japanese History
Book Report on Ian Buruma's Wages of Guilt for Modern Japanese History
Report on Fukuzawa Yukichi for Japanese Intellectual History
Journals on Nitobe Inazo for Japanese Intellectual History
Midterm for Premodern Japanese History course
Final for Premodern Japanese History course (contains term list)
Book report on "Desert Exile" for US History 104 class
Paper on Japanese State/Market Relations for PolySci 431 Class
"The Japanese Miracle", Final for PolySci 431
Bibliography of my term paper on Japanese Animation for EAS 302


First Midterm for EAS210 (Intro to Nomadic Civilizations)
Last Midterm for EAS313 (Mongol Empire)


Report on Georgia (country) for PolySci 271

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