Walking and the pedestrian environment
September 22, 2003
Urban Desert (Paris)

For my best anecdote I have, unfortunately, no pictures!

I was just too physically devastated by the time I caught on.

I got off the metro at the Louvre, then went to the surface to try to figure out where this little art museum was that I wanted to go to. Starting off from the pyramid replicas of glass that mark the Louvre entrance, I headed north. Luckily for me I grabbed an ice cream cone and bottle of water at the only vendor to be seen.

I then headed towards the Egyptian obelisk at the next circle.It wasn't long before my ice cream was gone and the heat started to get to me. I suddenly realized that I was walking on a huge sandy path completely exposed to the elements. Off to my left and right quite a ways were shaded, tree-lined walkways with enches. But out where I was, in the most direct path between these two monuments, the obelisk and pyramids, I was caught under an oppressive sun, shuffling in the sand.

Yes, that's right. In the middle of Paris, some urban planner thought it would be witty to build a desert! If my memory serves me correctly, there is a fountain about half way between them... so, he even put in an oasis.

Posted by Rob Ketcherside at September 22, 2003 11:32 AM
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