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August 11, 2000
Seattle Wheels - Monorail (Seattle)

A review of monorail in Seattle.

Oh woeful, forsaken Monorail! As illustrated on the Simpsons, you are not the answer to societies problems, but what is?

The Seattle Monorail's shining moment seems to have been when Elvis took its long ride in the classic (to Seattlites at least) "It Happened at the World's Fair". Although it apparently is one of the few money-making transit lines in the country, tourists become rightly concerned when they realize that the ride, much-hyped in brochures, lasts a few short minutes. Seattle's citizenry got all worked up about the idea of an expanded monorail, especially after realizing that Sound Transit was looking for solutions to regional transportation issues, not the problems choking and separating our neighborhoods. We passed an innitiative to explore the posibility.. and now the City Council seems to have passed judgement and decided to do its best to kill the committee that has been doing research. Oh Paul Allen! Won't you give us your hard earned money to fulfill our monorail dreams! Why must we always turn to you like some drug junkie to their dealer?!

For more info on the monorail expansion, check the ETC website. Dan Savage had some biting comments for the city council in his article target="_top">Build The Monorail in The Stranger. The Stranger also had a feature dispelling myths the following week on the issue. There will be a City Council public comment hearing on July 27th.

Monorail Westlake StationMonorail barely visible on the inside track going into Westlake Station.

Monorail Experience Music Project Monorail leaving Westlake Station headed towards the Seattle Center, sporting the (Paul Allen) Experience Music Project paint job

Posted by Rob Ketcherside at August 11, 2000 6:35 PM
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