Walking and the pedestrian environment
August 1, 2007
Bicycle Encouragement (Tokyo)

Signs exempting bicyclists from car laws.

practice_routeAt Koganei Park, this signhas a map for a training course for children, compete with stop signs, hills, and intersections. It also details the fees for bicycle rental.
cross_buttonIt's a push button, usually used for a crosswalk. The sign says "two-wheeled vehicle, bicycle push button". We're on a street where cars are forbidden. We're at a big, messy intersection. Bicyclists can push the button to get a full green cycle instead of just a blinking red while pedestrians are crossing.
stop_once"Bicycles. Stop before turning left or right."
only_bikes_enterThe red sign indicates no entrance or wrong way. "Except Bicycles"
bike_signalUnder the signal, "Bicycles Only". No cars on this road.  (different location than above)
bikes_okay Under the blue sign, "Bicycles Okay". Bicycles are technically illegal on sidewalks in Tokyo - this sign says it's okay here.
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