Walking and the pedestrian environment
August 1, 2007
Bicycle Restriction (Tokyo)

Signs urging bicyclists to be safe and be polite.

stop_line_cross"Stop" in the foreground, "bicycle [crossing]" just ahead.
no_bikes_in_arcadePedestrian Only Road. DANGER. Bicycle riding prohibited. (at the bottom) Bicycle Safety Model Area
no_bikes_not_roadThis is not a road. Please dismount bikes etc when passing through. JR East Urban Development
no_bike_ridingPedestrian Only Road. Bicycle riding prohibited. Koenji Pal, Suginami Police. (I love the tail drawn on the bicyclist)
bikes_removed Bicycles left will be removed (I've seen bikes tagged here several times).
no_bikes_or_rickshawsIndicates that no bikes or pulled carts can be taken through a tunnel.

many_bike_accidentsFrequent Bicycle Accidents. DANGER.
Posted by Rob Ketcherside at August 1, 2007 3:45 AM
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