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August 5, 2006
Poo Diddly (Tokyo)

Urban Tokyo advisories on dog handling.

This article is part of the special feature series Dog Doo Signs of Tokyo.

There's an amazing array of dog manner related signs on the streets of Tokyo. Here's a new set for your pleasure.

Keep Our Town Beautiful"Keep Our Town Beautiful. Poo should be taken home and taken care of by owners. Tokyo Sanitation Authority - Health Division", outside of a home in Nakano.

Shinjuku Central Park Dog Rules"To Those Bringing Dogs.... Please do not let them off leash. Please owners take care of your dog's poo. Please help keep it a beautiful park that everyone can enjoy and feel safe. The park belongs to everyone. Shinjuku Park Authority", in the south entrance of Shinjuku Central Park (Chuo Koen).

Dog and Cat Poo"Dog and Cat Poo Annoys Everyone. - Owners let's definitely carry dog poo home and take care of it. - Let's have our cats poo at home. Nakano-ku health authority", along the Kanda River in Nakano.

This is not a Toilet"This is not a lavatory (TOILET) [this is a peaceful strolling path for residents]", along the Kanda River in Nakano.

Poo Left Behind is Annoying"Poo Left Behind is Annoying. Taking care of dog and cat poo is the responsibility of the owner. The owner must definitely take care of it. Shibuya-ku Health Authority", along Hounan Avenue in Shibuya.

Owners must pick up poo"Owners Must Definitely Pick up Poo. Let's keep our dogs leashed. Shibuya Health Authority", along Hounan Avenue in Shibuya.

Don't Bring Dogs in Park"Don't Bring Dogs in Park. We're having a big poo problem. Suginami Health Authority", along Momoen-gawa Path near Asagaya in Suginami.

Don't Let Them Pee"Don't Don't Let Them Pee.", in a parking lot in Akasaka, Minato.

Whilst Walking Dogs Etc"Refrain from Walking Dogs Etc. Owners please take responsibility for cleaning up after your pets. Hitachi Suginami House Management Board", outside a housing complex near the Kanda River in Suginami.

The Poo Belongs to You"Owners, let's take care of our dogs' pee and poo!! To keep our town clean, take your dog on a walk after having them use the toilet.", on a fence in Akasaka, Minato.

Don't Let Them Poo"Don't Let Them Poo", in the garden of an office building in Akasaka, Minato.

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