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July 13, 2006
Disneyland Clock Walk (Tokyo)

Clock spotting and walking in Tokyo Disneyland!


(Note, this was inspired by my Seattle Clock Walk, which actually required research and everything, so you should definitely take a look at.)

Check these out on my Windows Live Maps collection! Also consider perusing my Tokyo Disney Sea Clock Walk.

So, you bought a year-long pass to the Disney Resorts. You'll need to take a fresh approach each time you visit the park to keep it fun. Maybe one trip is all evening romantic water rides? Maybe another you sample all of the sugary popcorn flavors, get hyper, and go do all the kiddie rides?

Why not do the clock-relay, and walk past all of the clocks in the park, on the way to the nearby adult rides? It's got to be at least as fun as the "Flower and Tree Tours" offered for Y2200 by the park.



Maihama Platform ClockYour tour begins at JR Maihama Station. As you step off the train you'll see standard JR clocks up and down the platform.


Maihama Turnstiles ClockAfter descending the escalator, just before the turnstiles you'll find a unique JR clock shaped like the suits of a deck of cards.


Maihama Station PlazaMaihama Plaza ClockAnother clock can be found just outside of the turnstiles, in the plaza between JR Maihama Station and the Disney Resort Line Resort Gateway Station.


Maihama Platform ClockAs you walk towards Disneyland, a souvenir shop will be on your left, named Bon Voyage. The last entrance, near the red arch, has a huge Mickey pocketwatch inside. If you're timing is right you might see some old ladies doing some questionable transactions, like I did.


Gazebo clockGazebo clock close upContinuing on, there is a huge gazebo over the walkway. At the top of the gazebo is yet another clock. I think Disneyland is trying to give you plenty of oportunities to not be late for your favorite show or parade.


Disneyland Monorail Station ClockDisneyland Monorail StationAs you reach the entrance to Disneyland, the Disney Resort Line (monorail) Disneyland Station is off to your right. There is a big Mickey Mouse clock on the front of the station.


Guest Relations ClockNow come the clocks within the park. First up is a big Seiko clock on top of the Guest Relations building. It's off to your left after you come through the entrance.


Main Street ClockHeading into the park, next is the World Bazaar post clock, right along the main walkway. This disco cowboy had to be blacked out to protect his identity.


Cinderella's Castle ClockKeep heading straight and you'll see Cinderella's castle. If you have really good eyes, or if you get close enough, you'll see a clock partway up the facade.


Western River Railroad ClockWestern River Railroad Clock close upHead left into Adventureland. In the back is the Jungle Cruise and Western River Railroad. Above the railroad station is a big clock.


Big Thunder Mountain ClockGo up and around the Tiki Room and Country Bear Theater, where you'll find Big Thunder Mountain. At the beginning of the line there's a clock on top of the wait time. Actually, there's another one on the other side for staff members to see. I guess it shows how popular this roller coaster really is. Very few rides have clocks outside.


Haunted Mansion ride clockHaunted Mansion Clock Haunted Mansion Clock close upHead up around Westernland's lake towards Critter Country. On the very edge of Fantasyland you'll find the Haunted Mansion. Haunted Mansion has a cool, creepy clock outside, as well as a bunch of maids wandering around. I bet that outfit is popular for cos-play. I caught a gaggle of Mickey-faced visitors as well.

There's also a clock on the actual ride. I was surprised by it and had to get a photo back past some starry-eyed, and apparently honestly frightened, park-goers.



Splash Mountain ClockThe last clock I found was at Splash Mountain. As you head up towards the entrance, it's in the middle of the path. These Mickey-headed people were everywhere!

I'm sure there's a whole bunch more clocks around, but this is all I found. I took a quick look around Fantasyland, Toon Town, and Tomorrowland, but surprisingly didn't see any. Maybe next time.



Monsters Inc Street Clock, Tokyo Disneyland 化物株式会社街路時計In 2014 I returned to Disneyland and saw the Monsters Inc clock for the first time. The ride opened in 2009. The clock is just to the right of the entrance.


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