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December 16, 2006
You're Full of... (Tokyo)

I keep meaning to stop taking pictures of signs related to dogs, their poo, and the myriad ways of asking people to take care of it. Just can't break the habit!

This article is part of the special feature series Dog Doo Signs of Tokyo.

Carry It HomeAmong other things... bottom, "Let's carry home poo!"

If Feed, Then Clean"Poo leaving; off leash dogs: let's stop it." From Kouenji, Suginami Ward.

If Feed, Then Clean"A Plea From Tom Cat: To all of you nice people who feed me, I beg you to pick up my scraps and my poo. Please spay or neuter me!" Akasaka, Minato Ward

Obey Minimal Poo Manners"PLEASE: Dog poo is the owner's responsibility, so please pick it up. Stop littering with your cigarette butts. Please obey minimal standards of decency." From Akasaka, Minato Ward.

No Dogs in Schoolyard"Warning: You can't ride your bike or bring your dog into the schoolyard." From Kouenji, Suginami Ward.

Do Not Pee or Dung!This one looks silly in English, escpecially because of the use of "dung". HA! What you're missing is the end of the Japanese sign, though. "If there are repeated offenses, I will be forced to spread poison." From Akasaka, Minato Ward.

Poo Bothers Me"Not taking care of poo and pee; Walking with no lead: It's so bothersome!!!" From Setagaya.

Poo WinkThe rainbow didn't disuade anyone in Hachioji, but maybe this wink will in Setagaya. "Dog poo is the responsibility of the owner, so pick it up."

Public Private Poo"Poo is the responsibility of the owner. Don't foul or damage public land or private property or buildings. Tokyo Public Health" Found in Akasaka, Minato Ward.

Straighten Poo"Straighten Up Your Poo."

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