January 9, 2005

Inoue Yousui

World of Ice

From the album Golden Best vol 1

Koori no sekai
World of ice

Out the window, apple seller; Hoarse voiced apple seller.
Gotta be someone playing a trick; just acting like an apple seller.

The cold turned my TV an epochal color.
That unsightly girl, made her a fascinating girl and just blinked off.

This year's cold is record breaking. Gonna freeze solid.
Everyday, blizzard, blizzard, world of ice.

Someone, let's hookup! C'mon hook up with me.
Even if it's a white lie, today I just want to feel iced over.
If you get wrapped up with me, so you can't move at all.
Everyone will laugh for us, and it wouldn't be bad for me.

Endlessly flowing on, only time or only tears?
Everyday, blizzard, blizzard, world of ice.

I want to hurt a person, I want to hurt someone.
The reason I can't, it's just that I'm afraid of myself.

Someone keeping that kindness bottled up,
Must be doing their best, trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize, yeah?

The shaking is just because of the cold, it's not fear.
Everyday, blizzard, blizzard, world of ice.

窓の外ではリンゴ売り 声をからしてリンゴ売り
きっと誰かがふざけて リンゴ売りのまねをしているだけなんだろ

僕のTVは寒さで 画期(かっき)的な色になり
とても醜(みにく)いあの娘を グッと魅力的(みりょくてき)な娘にしてすぐ消えた

今年の寒さは 記録的なもの こごえてしまうよ

誰か指切りしようよ 僕と指切りしようよ
軽い嘘でもいいから 今日は一日はりつめた気持ちでいたい
小指が僕にからんで 動きがとれなくなれば
みんな笑ってくれるし 僕もそんなに悪い気はしないはずだよ

流れてゆくのは 時間だけなのか 涙だけなのか

人を傷つけたいな 誰か傷つけたいな

そのやさしさを秘(ひそ)かに 胸にいだいてる人は
いつかノーベル賞でも もらうつもりでガンバってるんじゃないのか

ふるえているのは寒さのせいだろ 恐いんじゃないネ

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