August 1, 1995

Luna Sea

Genesis of mind / The other side of dream

From the album "Mother"

The bird which launched has disappeared in the blue sky
and you with it 'blue blue sky'
the jet trail is your footprints

Close your eyes, to the other side of dreams. . into that light
What do you request before you leave me behind and go

the bird which launched has disappeared in the streets
you fade... 'gray city'

Close your eyes, the other side of dream.. a world of light
What do you request? On the other side of time, are your wings beating?

The bird which launched disappeared in dusk
You won't return 'last evening'

Close your eyes, in the other side of dreams.. in a world of light
My yells echo to that distant place

You look down 'blue blue sky'
The lost thing 'blue blue sky'

'You' on the other side of faraway dreams, do you receive my voice?
'You' time is interupted, now I don't want to believe.

The lost thing 'blue blue sky'

"When you awoke, you were flooded with light"

When you awoke, you became light, the wings were beating
When you awoke, what could you understand? What did you find?
'You' you on the other side of dream, until the day we can meet again
'You' nothing will seem sad, I only cried at gray skies.

You, a distant dream
You won't come back a second time.
The sky, stained
You launch into the blue sky.

When you awoke. .

Posted by Rob Ketcherside at August 1, 1995
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